Injury Prevention and Movement Clinic

Crossfit Hierarchy,

With the Open about to start up and our desire to continue to Crossfit forever, our very own Melanie Smith has offered to host an Injury Prevention/Movement Prep workshop!

For those who don’t know, beyond being an OG CrossFit Hierarchy member, Mel is a physical therapist specializing in orthopedics, so keeping our bodies healthy is something near and dear to her heart! Those who do know her day job often pester her with lot of questions and comments at the gym about low back pain during kettlebell swings and dead lifts, shoulders hurting during overhead lifts and gymnastics, and how the heck you are supposed to use your glutes when squatting (Looking at you Coach Dave).

Mel will be hosting the workshop at H1 on Sunday, March 12th at 5:45pm (Post Barbell Club). The workshop will cost $10 and consist of the following:

  • Finding and maintaining postural neutral during lifts
  • Proper mechanics for squatting
  • How to achieve proper mechanics if you are having trouble getting to parallel or if your knees cave in/can’t fire your glutes etc.
  • Rehab exercises for shoulder health
  • A rehab-style WOD to make sure you’re paying attention

The workshop will last between 60 and 90 minutes and will be capped at 25 people given space and to allow time for specific questions. To sign up:

1) Sign up on FrontDesk as you would for a normal class
2) Bring $10 cash or check payable to Melanie Smith to the class. You will NOT be able to pay through FrontDesk.

Thanks to Mel for offering to run this and we cant recommend attending enough! Please contact Coach Dave with questions (